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Attention all coaches,

NYSC is now accepting applications for coaches interested in coaching at the rep level for the 2016 – 2017 season. Please click on the links below for all the information.

Invitation (Word) (PDF)

Application Form (Word) (PDF)


Shawn Fiddick

Technical Director / DDC Director

Nanaimo Youth Soccer


Click Here to go to the FIFA Laws of the Game webpage:

Laws of the Game

Coaches are requested to review the laws from time to time.
Coaches Contact List
Click here for the Coaches Contact List
Pony Coaches: Gym Info

Coaches: There is no change in schedule: this is a page with all teams together to see who opens and closes plus rules/etiquette. The other spreadsheet has the key roster on it. Pls look after keys and return to school district facilities when finished otherwise we owe $50/key"

Look out for goal posts !!

To U11 and U12 coaches (Super 8's):

To: U6-U9 coaches:

It is a Reminder to every coach to lock posts after games at Beban. Posts have been left out every weekend at Beban and now McGirr- I have put them away myself every week. If left out they will get vandalized and we won't have any posts.

PLEASE ALWAYS KEEP LOCKED- if left unlocked they disappear- have lost 3 so far this year at $15/each. So as soon as you unlock RELOCK immediately for safe keeping.
I am asking teams at end of 12noon game at 1 p.m at McGirr and 1 p.m game ending at 2 p.m at Beban to please help me and take posts back-
(click here to see the attached pdf). I really need them stackd neatly together. I need your help!

Many thanks and have fun!

Game Length and Ball Size

Several coaches have asked about the length of games for their division. Sometimes even the referees get it wrong! Also included here is the ball size for your division. Under 14 please note - you now play with a size 5 ball.

Upper Island League Rules of Competition      Ball Size
Under 19     2 halves of 45 minutes each               5
Under 17     2 halves of 45 minutes each               5
Under 16     2 halves of 45 minutes each               5

Nanaimo & District Youth Soccer Association League Rules of Competition
Under 15     2 halves of 40 minutes each               5
Under 14     2 halves of 35 minutes each               5
Under 13     2 halves of 35 minutes each               4
Under 12     2 halves of 30 minutes each               4
Under 11     2 halves of 25 minutes each               4

Mini games are at the discretion of the Clubs.