With thrilling fixtures, entertaining goals and exciting talents, the MLS has gone from a struggling league to the major American sports franchise that it is today. Games are broadcast over a range of major sports channels in both Spanish and English and viewer ratings are on the rise on an annual basis, it is no doubt that Major-League-Soccer-is here to stay.

As with any other sport across the world, one of the many ways that soccer fans can be a-part-of-the excitement from the league’s highest scoring soccer games is to share the passion through exciting MLS betting. The global sports betting market is difficult to estimate because of inconsistency in how it is regulated, but sports betting makes up about 30 to 40 percent of the global gambling market. Legal sports betting continues to make its way into more states and reports say that in a matter of time, a total of 24 states could be offering sports betting. MLS betting offers an amazing way to key into the reward of betting on your favorite teams and earning from your passion.

There is a range of bets that sports fans can win from, each of them is as interesting and exciting. To start with is the Win the league’ bet. One might think that a favorite will be most likely to-win the-league but the law of sports might play in and a less expected team might win the league bringing in more winnings for placed bets due to higher odds. Whilst-the-vast majority-of soccer-fans-will enjoy-placing-a bet-and-then-watching-that team play for a full-90-minutes-there-are still shorter term bets that will appeal to you such as the half-time/full-time bets. This bet can also be placed on in-play-betting-markets-On the correct score bet, it is as simple as predicting the-final-score-of the soccer game, the odds are higher but as you know the chances of predicting correctly are slim. There are also bets for the highest scoring soccer game, where fans can predict the amount of goals and the range of goals in every match.

Part of the reasons for MLS success is the playoffs, where the betting-lines-reflect-the competitiveness and intensity of the league. There are a range of sports books that serve as ideal guides for-MLS-wagering fans-to-spice-up the-play-offs-by putting-their-money-on-the-line. These sports books help in making the best of betting money by aligning fans with guides that give solid odds and good bonuses. Betting on MLS playoffs is easier than betting on-regular-season-games due to the-fact-that-there are no draws in the playoffs so there are less outcomes to worry about. Besides that, watching the regular season games provides fans with the statistics and information on their favorite teams; this gives them the leverage to know the better teams that are more likely to succeed. Although some teams tend to perform better during playoffs than the regular season due to the high stakes and the level of intensity, while some teams drop in performance from their regular season form. So watching seasonal performance to wager bets on team playoff performance might not be a totally sure way of playoff betting but it is a helpful way.

Of course the process will not be complete if we didn’t discuss betting sites. When looking for the highest scoring soccer games and the most entertaining fixtures, attention should also be paid to the bookmakers. They have lucrative bet offers, promo codes and great deposit options all in different languages. Here is a list of the top bookmakers:

  • Bet365
  • Betvictor
  • William Hill
  • 888report
  • Ladibrokes
  • Betfred
  • Paddy power